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Porter MS and Gifted Magnet Homeroom Scope and Sequence 2022-2023
3 - 7

Identity Project Continued IXL (ELA) and ZEARN (Math) Intervention and  Enrichment Second Step
Unit 1: Lesson 2
STEP 1:  Watch the following video:  IGP with Our Counselors  | 

STEP 2:  Begin working on the 
HR College Fair Project
10 - 14
Identity Project Submission
Submit your final project at :
IXL (ELA) and ZEARN (Math) Intervention and Enrichment Second Step 
Unit 1: Lesson 3
Continue the HR College Fair Project
October 17-21 Digital Citizenship
Common Sense Media
Lesson #1 
6th | Video + Student HO +Discuss
7th | Video + Student HO +Discuss
8th | Video + Student HO +Discuss
Digital Citizenship 
Common Sense Media
Lesson #2
6th |Video + Student HO + Discuss
7th | Video + Student HO + Discuss
8th | Video + Student HO +Discuss
Digital Citizenship 
Common Sense Media
Lesson #3
6th | Video + Student HO + Discuss
7th | Digital Compass 
8th | Video + Student HO + Discuss

Minimum Day
   Student Instructional Resources
English Mathematics History
Online Textbook- log in with school email.



Lessons and texts

Tasks for students

Active Learn - EL activities

Texts and reading comprehension for all skill levels

Audible - free during Pandemic
Online textbook and materials

Virtual Manipulatives

Skill Reinforcement and activities:

Resources and activities

Crash Course History

Library of Congress


World History
Science Physical Education  
PBS Science Resouces

Amplify - texts and activities

PHet - Science Simulations

Online Experiences

BrainPOP- videos and questions

Science News for Students


Explanations and activities
PE Central

The PE Specialist 

Fitness videos and challenges by PE Universe

Gopher Sport has live PE challenges on Twitter, #ActiveHomeChallenge

Mindfulness tools 

PE with Joe YouTube videos

40 tips for an active family 

Gopher Sport lesson plans