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LOCKS - Every Student must use a Porter Middle School (MS) loaner lock. Locks can be obtained at the Porter Student Store with a $10 deposit. The deposit will be returned to the student upon request with the return of the issued lock and combination to the student store. Students may only use Porter MS issued locks. NO OTHER LOCKS are ALLOWED and will be cut off. Porter will not be responsible for the cost of the NON PORTER lock.
TARDIES – Problems related to lockers will not be accepted as tardy excuses. 
COMBINATIONS – Students are responsible for remembering and keeping their lock combination confidential. Students are the only one that know their combination lock. If they forget their combination they will have to either forfeit their locker or purchase a replacement lock for $10.
SHARING –Things belonging to another person must not be kept in the locker. Locker combinations are not to be shared. Students are responsible for all items that are in their locker.
CONTRABAND – Articles must not be kept in the locker if it is against the law or school board policy. A school administrator may inspect the contents of the locker at any time. If things are found in the locker that are prohibited by law or school board policy, (i.e.: drugs, weapons, explosives, etc.) the administrator may remove them for safe keeping or investigation.
LOCKER ABUSE –Kicking, hitting, slamming, defacing, using graffiti, bending prying, jamming of lock, and other such abuse is not allowed. No items may be glued, taped or otherwise affixed to the locker.
FLAMMABLE OR INCENDIARY DEVICES – Materials or liquids that might cause a fire must not be placed in the locker.
FOOD – All food and drink must be entirely removed by the end of each school day.
CLEANLINESS AND ORDER –The things stored in the locker must be kept in a clean and orderly condition.
TARDIES– Locker issues are not an excuse for being tardy.
ISSUES - All locker issues are to be handled by Danny in the Student Store. Locker issues are complex and may take a while to be resolved.

I understand that my school locker is property of the Los Angeles Unified School District and that I must obey the following rules or face penalties up to and including the loss of my locker privilege. Failure to follow all of the above rules will result in penalties. Penalties range from a padlock placed on your locker (preventing use of the locker for a specified period of time) to complete forfeiture of locker privileges.